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You can save your “favorite Banner screens” by using MY BANNER!!

Trying to remember a Banner screen name can be difficult at times! So, use the MY BANNER feature!


  1. Sign in to Banner and double click on the words MY BANNER. It will expand and screen GUAPMNU will appear underneath it. It will also have the words "Empty, Select to Build". Note: Once you have put one screen into your "My Banner", next time it will show up as "Organize My Banner".
  2. Double click on the words GUAPMNU.
  3. There are several ways to set up your favorite screens, but this is an easy way:
    • Click on the right side of this screen under Object.
    • Type in the letters of one of your Favorite Screens and tab. It will populate the name of the screen.
    • If you want to personalize the name, go ahead and type over the name.

      For example: I use FOIDOCH a lot so I type in FOIDOCH under Object – tab and it populates with Document History as the screen name. Since that doesn’t mean much to me, I typed over the screen name with "My Favorite Screen".

      You can also pull over your favorite screens from the left side by finding the particular screen, double clicking on the name and using the Insert icon (in the middle of the screen).

      PLEASE NOTE: if you don’t have rights to view a screen, you will get an error message at the bottom of your screen (or it could lock you up).
  4. Don’t forget to click on the SAVE icon to save your work!
  5. Next time you sign in to Banner, your favorite screens will be listed under My Banner!

Thank you to Vicki Soren, SDSU for this contribution to our Training Tips!